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Clare Williams



My Story

One of my daughters had a party in August 2016 and i fell in love with the product. I booked my own party and received amazing hostess gifts. I joined up to buy for myself and my family and friends but now I am totally hooked!!!!
I have never in my life received so many awards, been recognised for doing my job the way I like to do it, been given so much free/half price product or been paid so well!!!!
My confidence and feelings of self worth have sky rocketed and my circle of love/trust is now huge thanks to this amazing company.
8 years ago if someone had told me I would be writing these words about my job! I would have said ....Yeh whatever!!!! Yet here I am actually writing them!!! Do yourself the biggest favour ever .....Join scentsy. Honestly if I can do certainly can. I love the way my life is panning out now and the love I can share and receive. I am now a Director and living the dream. I have earnt 5 all expenses paid overseas trips too!!Not bad for a 63 year old Nanny!!!

My Favourite Scents